State Theatre History

The State Theatre in Minneapolis has a history that is a rich and bountiful. The Historic State Theatre opened in 1921 and was ahead of its time. The State Theatre, at the time was thought of as the most industrially advanced and highly crafted theatres in country. Designed by a Chicago architect, J.E.O. Pridmore, the State Theatre was modeled in an Italian Renaissance style. On stage, the original floor was glass and, when lit from beneath, created an amazing effect for the audience. The State Theatre continues to be a magnificent venue to visit and tickets go fast, so buy your State Theatre tickets soon before its too late.

The State Theatre also had one of the first air-conditioners, which was a blessing during hot summer months. The show chosen to grace the stage for the first time in State Theatre history included a silent film, newsreel and travelogue. A few years later, a Wurlitzer pipe organ was put in place and to aid the State Theatre performers during live shows. Until the late 1970's, the State Theatre primarily was used for films and boasted the largest screen in the Midwest. There was no bad seat in the house at the Historic State Theatre. In 1978, the State Theatre was bought out by the Jesus People Church for a place of worship who covered the beautiful paintings and sculptures until the theatre's renovation in ten years later.

In 1989, the Minneapolis Community Development Agency bought the State Theatre while they were developing the LaSalle Plaza. The State Theatre's renovations took two years and over $8 million, but reopened in November of 1991 with its first play in over a decade. The MCDA made sure to salvage as much as they could during the renovation of the State Theatre, including multiple chandeliers and murals on the walls. Since its reopening, the Historic State Theatre has hosted performances such as Sweeney Todd and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The State Theatre seating offers about 2,180 seats, so State Theatre tickets go quickly for events in Minneapolis. With a beautiful venue and outstanding lineup of performers, there is something for the whole family at the Historic State Theatre. Check out the upcoming State Theatre shows to purchase your State Theater tickets today.


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