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            The Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis opened its doors in 1916 as a venue for variety shows, including song and dance. The vaudeville house is the creation of a Greek immigrant, Alexander Pantages. Alexander Pantages was well known for his numerous theatres and their beautiful architecture. The Pantages Theatre was originally designed by a Minneapolis firm in an Art Moderne style and was a sight to behold on its opening day. The first performance at the Pantages Theatre included singers, comedians and a banjo player. Today, the Pantages Theatre continues to bring quality performances, and Pantages Theatre Minneapolis tickets are perfect for the whole family.

After a few years in operation, the Pantages Theatre was remodeled by Marcus Priteca, who was a well-known theatre architect in the Twin Cities. Priteca added a stained glass done, which still remain today in the Pantages Theatre. Up until 1984, the Pantages Theatre switched hands and was renovated frequently. Over the years, the Pantages Theatre would evolve from a variety venue, to solely a space for live plays and even used as a top-notch movie house when Mann Theatres owned the theatre. Numerous award winning films were shown at the Pantages such as "Spartacus", "West Side Story" and "The Sound of Music."

            In 1984, the Pantages Theatre was closed up for over a decade until the Hennepin Theatre Trust President/CEO Tom Hoch decided to restore the theatre to its original state. Tom Hoch launched a five year renovation of the Pantages Theatre, transforming it into the beautiful site it is today. During the renovation, the builders were able to salvage original architectural drawings, decorative plasterwork and its magnificent stained-glass.

         The Pantages Theatre was reopened on November 7, 2002 at cost a total of $9.5 million. The Pantages Theatre continues to be a popular venue for performances such as theatre, dance and musical artists. With only a few seats over a thousand, Pantages Theatre Minneapolis tickets go quickly. Check out the upcoming Pantages Theatre Minneapolis events to purchase your Pantages Theatre Minneapolis tickets today.


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